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Glynneath Members Website.

The modern golf club is evolving and clubs are maximising all opportunities that will help them to keep pace with their loyal members and also visiting guests that use our course and clubhouse. 

Our new club website is a mutually beneficial website that promotes club events and local sponsors that support our golf club.

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Glynneath Tourism

Part of our support to local hotel partners is to offer exclusive 2 for 1 deals to all visiting guests that stay at one of our listed accommodation hotels.

Please ask your participating hotel or B&B about our voucher deals and bring it along with you to play our course and only pay for one guest that day.

(You must present this coupon on booking your game at the Glynneath Pro-shop)

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About Dragon Wales Alliance

Members of Glynneath Golf Club are now able to play at Wernddu Golf Club and Caerphilly Golf Club for free as part of your membership.

We are delighted to announce our involvement in the formation of Dragon Wales Golf Club Alliance, a new initiative that offers members of participating clubs the option to play at all the other participating clubs free of charge. The clubs currently involved, and also the founding members, are Wernddu Golf Club, Caerphilly Golf Club, and ourselves at Glynneath Golf Club. 

It can be revealed that a number of other South Wales based golf clubs are currently considering joining the Alliance and this will certainly strengthen the Alliance going forward should they opt for inclusion or discounted membership deals.

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Glynneath Golf Events

You can find out more about club competitions and results on our new document page.  

1, We will upload results each week on comps page.
2, You can also log into Master Scoreboard to find out more.

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